Jamination Productions, Inc.,
well known in the big screen industry for fan fun races and shuffle games, sponsor video and led animation.

Since 1992 SPORTS Teams such as the 2016 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the 2015 National League Champion New York Mets & The Oklahoma City Thunder choose Jamination animations to energize their in-game presentation.

At Davis Wade Stadium Mississippi State Bulldog fans go crazy for the First South Farm Credit Bulldog Shuffle created by Jamination.
The Chicago White Sox (MLB), the LouisvilleBats (AAA), the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), the Wisconsin Badgers (NCAA) the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) and many more also choose Jamination animations to help stir their fans into a frenzy.

FAN INTERACTIVE Jamination races everything from Hot Dogs to Slot Cars &
everything in-between. We’ve created Shuffle Games using items
from football helmets, caps, mascots, Christmas presents & even the Stanley Cup.
Basically, you name it and we’ll race it. Jamination has created animations for CITI,
Coke, Pepsi, Texas Road House, White Castle, & many other
corporate sponsors for venues across the globe.

GENERICS Jamination offers professional
video & matrix generic animations. Each season,
new innovative ideas are added to our library
of fan favorites for you to choose from
ensuring your show is as fresh and exciting as ever.

Jamination is your unique, one-stop animation house for large screen video displays,
360 degree LED boards.

Simply put, Jamination brings your board to life!





Jamination Productions, Inc. 614-481-0524, 868 Paisley Pl.,Columbus, OH 43085 www.jamination.com